Masters Swimming in the United States

 U.S. Masters Swimming

What is U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS)? According to, the official website for USMS, “masters swimming is an organized program of swimming for adults. Members participate in a variety of ways ranging from lap swimming to international competition.” However, what is USMS to an actual member? How would they describe their experience with the program? A USMS member said it was like “belong(ing) to a big swim family that’s inclusive and welcoming,” and it’s “a place where novice swimmers, fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers, and triathletes can find a place to swim.”

USMS is a swimming organization of more than 60,000 members across the United States. Adults 18 and older practice, workout, and compete in close-knit clubs, large organizations, or as their own entities. When competing, members are divided by age groups and compete in a wide array of competitions. However, most members choose not to compete. According to the website, “about 25 percent of our nearly 60,000 members enter pool or open water competitions.” Why, then, do people join USMS? Members join for triathlon practice, the workout, and social interaction. The organizations can range from highly structured, competitive groups to casual clubs that focus on recreational swimming.

“Masters swimming” can be an intimidating word for many people. However, people do not have to be a “master swimmer” to be a USMS member. According to their website, “masters simply means 18 and older.” USMS is an organization that promotes “swimming for life!” USMS is a program for everyone! Swimmers can join USMS for a small annual fee and benefit from structured workouts, and a positive social environment. Locate local programs by clicking here!

Live in an area that doesn’t have a USMS club or workout group? Are you interested in bringing USMS to your location? Starting your own USMS club or group is easy! Complete the registration form and return it to your Local Masters Swimming Committee with the $30 registration fee. Have additional questions? Click here for more information on starting a USMS program!

Like swimming and earning prizes? The Nike Go The Distance program (GTD) is a popular program that encourages healthy lifestyles. Nike has partnered with USMS and All American Swim Supply to offer prizes for achieving fitness milestones. Register on the USMS Fitness Log (FLOG) today to start setting fitness goals, recording exercise progress, and earning prizes. “Since January 2013, over 1,400 swimmers have put in 50 miles to win the GTD swim cap,” said All American Swim Supply in March, 2013. GTD is a great way to stay motivated and in shape! Click here to learn more about GTD, FLOG’s, and how to start earning prizes!

USMS is a group dedicated to physical fitness, enriching lives, and building lasting friendships.

Check out the official USMS website for additional information.

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