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High-technology swimwear fabrics are scientifically advanced materials used for swimwear in competitive water sports such as swimming and triathlon. Technical Suits made of materials of this type are normally lycra and nylon composite fabrics with features to reduce drag against the water. The fabrics include features that increase the swimmer's glide through the water (said to mimic marine animal skin) and reduce the absorption of water by the suit as opposed to regular swimsuits. Technical Suit options include the Speedo FS3, Speedo LZR Elite, Speedo LZR Pro, Speedo Fastskin FS II, Speedo Aquablade, TYR AP12, TYR Fusion, TYR Tracer Light, TYR Tracer B Series, TYR Tracer C Series, Nike Flex LT, Nike HD3, Nike Swift II, Nike EV3, Blueseventy Nero TX, Blueseventy Nero XII, Arena Powerskin XP and Arena Powerskin R-Evo+ and Arena Carbon Pro. Shop today and take advantage of our FREE shipping offer.

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TYR Tracer Light Male Jammer
TYR Tracer Light Male Jammer
SKU: 5806
MSRP: $160.00
Our Price: $143.95

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